Booking Train from Singapore to KL Online

A greater number of people travel from Singapore to Peninsular Malaysia in different times in a year. Most of them travel for business and many of them for sight-seeing. Hardly a few people these days book their ticket offline. They even do not find time to wait in the long queue and book their ticket, but they prefer to book ticket online. People nowadays believe finding the berth and checking the sit online is easy as well as convenient. If you are one of the persons who finds train from Singapore to kl then this is the time for you.

Online ticket is Easy to Book from Singapore

Hope you agree that traveling with train is no doubt easy and convenient and a safest as well as cheapest one. One of the easiest way to book ticket for your journey is online ticket booking. Most of the time most of the people do travel and you must be. Then it is quite hard for business people to stand in the long line for one or two tickets. So they prefer to buy ticket online without the hustle bustle of the city. There a numberless train available from Singapore to Malaysia. The range of the seat is from SGD37 onwards and sometimes to SGD66, while for top class coaches; it generally starts from SGD20 to SGD33.

How to Buy Ticket Online or By Agent

travel agent

Most of the people like to buy ticket solely online without hiring any ticketing agent. It is sure that when you hire a ticketing agent you must give a portion of money to them. It is nothing but a commission that you need to provide them, because they are doing ticket online or offline for you. If you buy ticket online you can visit to the website and find the available ticket, book it and pay the ticket money. When you buy through agent you have to call the agent and ask to do the ticket on behalf of you.

Make your Journey Comfortable & Convenient

However as far as the travelling is concern, it should be safe and easy. When you buy a ticket and want to travel alone the matter would be different, but when you travel with your family and kids that situation would be different. Though, train from Singapore to kl is convenient and easy and booking ticket is easy and not a matter for people who do ticket or buy something online. Whether you travel with your family and friends in first class sleeper then it is the ideal time to travel with a private cabin, that with the private shower as well as toilet and with LCD television. Additionally, the mentioned transportation services you will feel absolutely comfortable.

You can take the immense advantage of this ticketing service anytime you required, for a total planned journey and sometimes for emergency, the ticket is surely available 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days. So you know to buy the ticket as early as possible you should prefer book the ticket online instead of hiring an agent.

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Tioman Ferry Schedule

The Tioman Island is located on the east coast of Malaysia and is also the largest of the sixty-four volcanic tropical islands that make up the country. The tropical Tioman island is home to many great tourist sites as well as home to the beautiful Berjaya Tioman Resort. There is plenty of things to do around the island from relaxing on the wonderful beaches to scuba diving to bear witness to the amazing coral reefs that surround the Island. Many tourists often trek the landscapes to enjoy the scenery of Tioman. This is because it is truly something to behold as it is filled with unaltered landscapes and natural beauty.


Those planning a trip to the island of Tioman should consider travelling by the speed ferry with the Mersing Bluewater Express from the town of Mersing. The ferry is the most commonly used means of getting to Tioman because of its speed and reliability. The ferry to Tioman is a comfortably air conditioned as well as an efficient means of travel the islands. An entire one way ride averages between 1.5 to 2 hours in travel time in where one can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Tioman island from a far before venturing onto the shores. The ferry can be booked for any day of the week at specific times.

One can purchase tickets at the ferry’s terminal or can alternatively buy the tickets online for a discounted price. Purchasing the tickets costs 35 Ringgits for an adult and 30 Ringgits for a child as there is a discounted price for children.

Buying one’s tickets online in advance will ensure that there is room available aboard this popular ferry. Every ticket means one seat is reserved for the passenger. One can pay either through Paypal or through a line of credit while buying online. One will receive instant confirmation while purchasing the ticket online from the official website. The transaction is speedy, secure, as well as safe while buying the ticket online. Also, one has the option to purchase an open return ticket if they are unsure of what date they will be returning.
The Bluewater Express is known for it’s hospitality and convenient means of travel. With outstanding customer service and guaranteed comfortable travelling, the ferry is a perfect means of getting to the Tioman Island. The Tioman ferry is scheduled to make it’s first morning departure everyday at 11:30 am sharp and its last departure before 5pm as it is not a twenty-four-hour service.

During the ride one can see the breath taking beauty of places such as Paya, Genting, Panuba, Salang Jetties, as well as the final destination called Tekek which is where the ferry takes the passengers to depart from the boat. The Bluewater ferry provides a number of specialized promotional services such as reserving a place for the passenger at the Berjaya Tioman Resort. Due to the Tioman Ferry’s popularity one should attempt to beat the rush by applying for a ticket online as it is highly recommended.

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How To Save Money on Car Rental

Hiring a car from Kuala Lumpur car rental makes life easy and comfortable. Whether you want to plan a trip with your family and roam around a bit or need a car to reach the airport to pick up a friend, getting a car on rent will save you a lot of trouble. However, you have to find the right car from car rental KL to get the value for your money and also have a safe and comfortable journey. The task is easier said than done, considering the number of taxi services that operate in the market and the range of services they offer. Here we go to make your task a bit simpler.

Know what you want

Looking for a reasonably priced car hiring service from car rental or having a luxurious car is always eases your mind. You do not need the cab service at odd hours. If you are planning to sightsee and need the car for a few days, it is better to get the advance booking. Your hunt for the perfect cab service will depend on these factors. So, think about your requirements and your search will get much refined and easier too.

Compare the car rentals


Of course, your local network can give you plenty of car rental options. Go through the list meticulously and compare the prices. It is a bit tedious but trusts me, the time is worth spending your money, and safety and comfort are at stake.

While comparing the charges, look for hidden costs. Most cab rentals pass on the insurance cost to their customers and even charge for using GPS systems. So, look out for these hidden items and you will get a fair deal.

Save money through coupons online

car-rental-669Your credit card company often gives you reward points using which you can get massive discounts on car rentals. You can also get coupon codes from car associations that will help you to save much money. These organizations try to maintain the loyalty of the customers and hence give out the cards. Use them to your advantage and also to find good deals on taxi services.

Type of car to hire

When hiring a car in Kuala Lumpur, you must keep in mind convenience and comfort. Modern cars come at cheaper rates than old models. Besides, in other regions of the state, it is advisable to hire old Ambassador Car keeping in mind the condition of the roads. It is also suitable for all weather and small groups of people.

Ensure that Kuala Lumpur car rental gives you good service

Scams are everywhere, and Kuala Lumpur is no exception. You will come across dubious taxi services that may not live up to your expectations. It is better to check the credentials and hire a reputed and reliable company. You should also insist on checking the license of the driver and his powers. This is important for your security.

Getting a car on hire becomes easy once you have all the information at your fingertips. Search the web, ask your friends for references and you will surely find the right cab service that will ensure your comfort and safety at affordable rates.

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Expat in Malaysia

Visiting Malaysia has become a very common tourism habit for many people. Those, who want to enjoy and experience the exclusive Asian touch and flavours in the art, architecture as well as technological advancements, always prefer to come to this country.

However, apart from the common tourist hotspots like Kuala Lumpur, there is much more to experience in this country. One of the places that are less popular and less visited, but are extremely visually stunning is certainly the northern coast of the country, the city of Sabah. If you are visiting Malaysia, the best transportation is get ourselves a car. You can book it at easybook Malaysia car rental online or go to airport and rent it.

Places to visit in Sabah:

Sabah is home to the highest mountain of the country that is Mount Kinabalu. Visiting Sabah will give you the amazing experience of trekking through the Mount Kinabalu and enjoy the clouds down at your feet and you will be on cloud nine.

Sabah is the place where the crystal clear waters meet the sky high mountains and that is what you will be able to enjoy at the Kapalai Island and the Sipadan Island are beautiful and romantic islands. These are also amazing places if you want to go for a drive.


If you like nature and wildlife more than anything else, then Sabah is the place for you. The Danum Valley and Tabin Wildlife Reserve are the most amazing places that you must visit hear. You can go for a 3 to 4 hour drive through the dense rain forest here that will take you close to the variety of wildlife, flora and birds that have found their home here at Sabah.

This virgin Borneo rainforest is even older than Amazon and hence, coming here is worth an experience that you must try at least for once on your life. The best part of the entire trip of course is walking down the canopy here at the Danum Valley and to encounter the birds and orang-utans from close proximity.


Danum Valley

How to visit?

If you are living in Kuala Lumpur or even at Petaling Jaya, you can always choose a Sabah car rental service. This will take you right to the Sabah places of interest. What makes the car rental services so much loved and preferred by the travellers is that you will be able to self-drive these rented cars. This will give you the opportunity to spend personal time with your family and you will not have to tolerate the interference of the driver.

All that you need to is simply choose a car of your choice from the wide range of options available at the best car rental service and book it for the number of days for which you want to stay at Sabah and you will be able to enjoy the rides freely, with the peace of your mind.

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Have you been to Langkawi Island?

Langkawi is also a place where you will find a stretch of beach and can have a view of the sea while you are staying at any luxury resort near the beach.

This will allow you to spend the time by the beach side either sun bathing or taking a quick dip in the sea or water surfing with your close ones.

So take the hotels or the resort near to the sea and you will find the place perfect for your holiday place.

So before booking the rooms check out the m out for a better view directly from your room. Most of the resort offers you such conveniences and thus they are also having reasonable price.

Every resorts are highest in quality of hospitality and they are having every kind of facilities for your recreation and also for your kids. So don’t worry about passing your time in your own way.

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